Top Cat Diesel Catalytic Cleaner DPF 600ml

The Magic Top Cat Diesel 600 ml is specially designed to clean the catalytic convertor in your diesel engine. Our technology burns carbon deposits in your engine, keeps EGR valves clean, removes soot deposits from DPF’s and cleans fuel lines, reduces greenhouse gases. We recommend 1 full bottle to a quarter-half a tank of fuel. It is self mixing so you can put it  into your tank anytime. For quicker results mix 1 full bottle  into 15-20 litres of fuel in your tank , drive your vehicle for 8-10 miles at a speed of over 40mph this will help penetrate the carbon deposit. If your engine is seriously coked up with carbon deposit you may need a longer driving period to feel the benefit of Magic Bullet.

  •  Your No:1 catalytic cleaner attacks soot and carbon in catalytic convertor.
  •  Burns away carbon deposits, removes soot deposits from DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters).
  •  Lowers exhaust gas temperature, reduces harmful carbon emissions
  •  Regeneration of DPF’s (Diesel Particulate Filters) and injection system, keep EGR valves clean.
  •  For quick results pour the contents of the bottle into a fuel tank containing around 15-20 litres of diesel and drive for 10-15 miles.