Top Cat Petrol Catalytic Cleaner 600ml

The Magic Bullet Top Cat Petrol 600 ml is specially designed to clean the catalytic converter in your petrol engine. Our technology burns carbon deposit in your engine, allows your engine to run cooler and smoother, keeps valves, sensors and fuel lines clean, reduce greenhouse gases, increase fuel economy and reduce maintenance cost. Magic Bullet is non-chemical based fuel treatment provides long term protection, will not damage your engine like chemical based products. One 600ml bottle treats up to a half tank of fuel. It is self mixing, so you can put it into your tank any time. For quicker result, mix one full bottle into 15-20 liters of fuel in your tank, drive your vehicle for 10-15 miles at speed over 40 miles/hour, this will help penetrate the carbon deposit and you will start to feel the benefit of Magic Bullet

  • Your No. 1 catalytic cleaner, attacks soot and carbon build up in catalytic converter, improves engine performance and fuel efficiency
  • Attack Carbon deposits on O2 sensors and injectors
  • Reduces harmful carbon emissions
  • Eco friendly product EPA registered and Kyoto compliant, designed to comply with strict environmental standards. Non flammable and non hazardous, easy to transport and store, safe to use
  • For quick results, pour the contents of the bottle into a fuel tank containing around 15-20 liters of petrol and drive for 10-15 miles